Skins® by Covestro open entirely new branding opportunities for all kinds of packaging and print applications using normal flexo, gravure or offset printers. Extremely transparent, these coatings enhance any color and, thanks to close cooperation with the ink and OPV industry, they match the requirements of specific market sectors. The result? Well-balanced, scratch and abrasion resistant coatings suitable for applications as diverse as plastic or paper labels, laminated posters, flyers or greeting cards, special or unique luxury gift boxes, matte laminated pouches, flow pack packaging and many others besides.


Our Skins® differentiate products by making a big impact in applications like: paper shoppers, skin packaging, pouches, bottles, flyers, greeting cards, business cards, invitations, envelopes, labels, stickers and magazines.


Our Skins® have been developed to ensure reliable processability. That’s why we guarantee the right feel and top quality within narrow tolerances for substrates including plastic, PET or BOPP films, paper and carton.


Many market sectors can benefit from our Skins®. A silky feel on packaging might suggest soft skin in the cosmetics industry. A velvety feel on a tag could suggest the sensuality of a piece of fashion. Whether medical/pharma, FMCG or beauty, enhanced user-interaction enhances buying desire.


Find out what inspires the Skins® to create new sensations for a wide range of packaging applications. 


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