Our Skins® get everywhere! And they’ve made themselves at home in many different market sectors. A silky feel on packaging might suggest soft skin in the cosmetics industry. A velvety feel on a tag could suggest the sensuality of a piece of fashion or other luxury item. Whether medical/pharma, FMCG or beauty, enhanced user-interaction enhances buying desire.


When anyone picks up a product in its packaging they interact with it. The packaging stimulates their senses – sight, touch and even sound. They respond to the colors, feel the textures or the weight and instinctively make associations in their mind. The job of the converter, packing designer and brand owner is to ensure those associations are all positive.

Sensory stimulation is crucial for any product in any market sector. The right sensory responses create the personality you want your product to have. 

Here are some examples...


Sandy is very versatile with a huge ‘sellability’ potential. Her broad food contact compliancy makes her ideal for food products including biscuit wrappers, bottle wrappers or spaghetti packaging. She’s also equally at home on non-food packaging such as swimwear products (for the feel of the beach!).

Keeping with the versatility of sandy textures, Sandy’s effects can range from fine to grittier, depending on the application. Unlike most sandy-feel resins on the market, the resin will be compatible with flexo printing, as well as forward & reverse gravure, roller coating, and spray coating – opening a new world of possibilities for printers and brand owners.


Rubbert gives a more industrial feel, a sense of practicality but also exclusivity. By adding a Rubbert skin to packaging you immediately set a product apart from others. It’s special. Different. Desirable. It serves a practical purpose by giving grip and improving ergonomics for packaging in medical and pharma but also creates an allure of added value especially for home care and consumer electronics packaging.

By understanding the connotations people get from packaging – all the connections they make in their mind – designers can use Skins® to optimize positive user-interaction from the very first moment. 


Silky is ideal for cosmetics, personal care or beauty packaging. It stimulates the customer to think of softness and smoothness which will feed into their perception of the product inside - perhaps a day cream designed to revitalize their skin by making it soft.


Vel-Veeto, on the other hand, gives a soft, velvety feel to all kinds of packaging. That’s why it’s often used in the fashion industry. Imagine browsing clothes in a store. It’s not only the clothing itself that makes an impression but the labels or tags that go with it too. They provide prime branding opportunities which can be maximized by heightening the sensory stimulation through a texture that reflects the luxuriousness of an item whether clothing, watches, wines, rings or high end stationery. 



Our Skins® differentiate your products by making a big impact in applications. 


Our Skins® have been developed to ensure reliable processability.


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